Soulpup Solutions to Pay It Forward for Pets: Week 4 — Shop with purpose

SoulPup Solution: Shop with pets in mind

Each week I’m offering simple solutions to help pet lovers pay it forward. This week’s solution doesn’t require much time or effort. Simply shop with purpose. Next time you need to buy some kibble, dog treats or even a new collar, shop with companies that are committed to helping pets. You may even find some pet-focused companies, like Rescue Chocolate, that offer great items for people.  Organizations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( is running a super sale on pet gear. My Lulu’s dog food company also has a program where the 10th bag is free. I’ll be donating that one to charity.

Here are a few pet companies that pay it forward. Please feel free to share a few more. Let’s paw it forward for pets in 2013.

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