It’s Pet Dental Health Month: Protect Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

VPI Offers Tips to Protect Your Pet's Pearly Whites
Excerpt of a graphic from VPI Pet Insurance about the importance of protecting your pet’s pearly whites.

Doggie dental care is a topic that’s close to my heart because my sister’s dog required 10 tooth extractions one year. (If only we knew then what we know now!)

When it comes to dental health care, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. According to VPI Pet Insurance, routine pet teeth cleaning bills averaged $122 last year among clients. The average vet bill for treating tooth-related disease: $227.

Not only does routine dental care — brushing, rinses and even chew toys —  help preserve your pet’s pearly whites, it also protects your wallet. Left untreated, all that plaque and tartar also leads to infection, which can attack bones as well as vital organs. Periodontal disease also can require costly extractions that add up quickly. Daisy’s bill wasn’t too bad, but I have heard of untreated dental issues leading to $2,000+ vet bills.

To help pet owners, veterinarians typically offer deep discounts in February as part of Pet Dental Health Month. Schedule your appointment today, and read more tips about at-home dental care for dogs.

Want more reasons to take action? Check out VPI’s cute graphic.


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