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If there truly are two paths, I choose awesome

When it comes to making a dent in the universe, I’ve decided to help reduce the number of homeless pets that are euthanized each year. That can be an overwhelming task and sometimes I do get discouraged. Fortunately, there are little rays of sunshine out there that keep me encouraged, such as a new pet food pantry (Pet Buddies) opening in Atlanta, or a rescued dog that slowly begins to show signs of recovering from mental and physical abuse.

I also stumble upon awesome video clips like this one featuring “Kid President.” As he says in the clip, “If there truly are two paths, I choose awesome.” Be inspired, then go pay it forward!


This article was written by: Morieka

Morieka Johnson spent seven years as a journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where she edited stories ranging from fashion to pets. But life got really interesting when she met her dog Lulu. Finding the best tools to raise a high-energy pitbull led Morieka to write weekly advice columns for Mother Nature Network. You also can find her stories on Join the conversation and learn more about her exploits with Lulu on Twitter @SoulPup, follow us on Facebook or check out our fun Soulpup boards on Pinterest.

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