Gone but not forgotten: Honoring Simba

Read the story of Simba, a little lion that made a difference for Atlanta boxers

There are pets that touch our lives, and there are pets that touch our hearts. Simba is special dog that not only touched her owner’sGone but not forgotten: Simba heart, she also inspired an organization that helps thousands of Boxers find forever homes. Here is owner Dianne DaLee’s loving tribute to her special companion.

Simba was born December 28, 2003, one of five sisters and three brothers. She came to live with me on February 12, 2004 and we began what was to become a life-changing experience for me. Simba was the first dog I had had since the eighth grade and she was the cutest, sweetest, smallest thing I had ever seen. I loved her from the minute I looked into her eyes.

It took me a while to name her because I had to settle on exactly the right name that was befitting such a wonderful being. This nameless puppy bounced and pounced and tormented my two cats from day one. She reminded me so much of the playful cub in The Lion King, that I knew that was the name for her. Simba means “lion” in Swahili and she lived up to this majestic name in so many ways.

After a couple of months, Simba was enrolled in Semper Fi Boxer School to start learning good manners. She was a very excitable puppy, but by the time she was six months of age, she was ready to take her AKC Canine Good Citizen test. She passed with flying colors and I was so proud of her!

Read Dianne and Simba’s story.

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