Day 1: Having a blast at BarkWorld

Lizzy and Liza upped the cute quotient at BarkWorld.

I got to meet some pretty awesome pet people at the third-annual BarkWorld pet networking conference in Atlanta. Here are a few early highlights:

– The Westin in Atlanta is pretty pet friendly.

Natural Balance has some very yummy items for itchy pets. Fighting allergies with a limited-ingredient diet doesn’t have to be difficult for pet parents. A little bird told me there’s more to come.

– There is no shortage of interesting people blogging and tweeting about pets. So glad to see the adorable Cosmo and his mom Diane from the blog

– There’s hope for well-intentioned pet lovers like myself who don’t quite manage to brush their dog’s teeth every day. (Who am I kidding? Brushing Lulu’s teeth is programmed into myphone and still I don’t get it done.) Eukanuba has joined forces with the scientists behind Crest’s tartar control technology. Now, every adult and senior diet product helps control tartar. Try this after your pup’s next dental and let me know how it works.

– Killing fleas means getting rid of the adults — and the eggs. Great chat with the folks from Bayer, makers of Advantage.

That’s all for now. After talking about dogs all afternoon, I had to hurry home and care for my own pooch.


This column previously appeared onĀ Mother Nature Network

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